Call for Submissions: Grown Ass Lady wants YOU



We’re an online & print zine by and for women that chronicles the offbeat, opulent, vintage, and smutty side of life, with subversive humor and wit. GrownAssLady is a spot where like-minded gals can talk about owning who you are, being a rebel, and living without apologies. We think of ourselves as a female hedonist’s guide to life, and we’re looking to expand out community. GAL is looking for submissions for our online & printed zine so if you’re a writer, illustrator or artist and are interested, please drop us a line!

Born in the murky swamps of the suburbs and raised on a steady diet of trash TV, hypersexual R&B, and Pop Rocks, Jenny and Molly now live and work in Brooklyn, NY. They created Grown Ass Lady as a place to obsess about all things sleazy, strange, and beautiful.

Call for Submissions: Domination & submission Zine

I’m writing a zine on Dominant / Submissive desires and unpicking abuse. I’m happy to collaborate with anyone, any feedback would be great.

Ever had kinky sex and it’s brought up painful memories of abuse?

Had a partner misunderstand your kinks as you wanting to be demeaned, humiliated, tortured?

Struggle with not being able to find an outlet for your sexuality, been let down by the prospect of getting to let go and felt pushed into not nice territory?

Struggled to align your feminist identity with submissive desires?

Mainly looking for experiences in first person; examples from me and other articles of what I’m looking for below, download this link for more – Abuse and Desire 3 experience (zoom out; meant for skip reading, very muddy stream of consciousness)

Read more: StigmaFreeWorld


Do you have a call for submissions for your zine? Let me know!

Call for Submissions: Clockpuncher Zine


I’m working on a zine called Clockpuncher, which is all about finding ways to prioritize creative pursuits when you work an imagination-sucking 9-to-5 job. I’m looking for any submissions that fit the general theme.

Examples of content that would be appropriate:

– Practical tips and tricks for squeezing creative endeavours into your day

– Personal stories and narratives (in any format.. essays, comics, poems, etc.)

– ART. Send me your art.

– Honestly, the zine is about creativity, so I’m not going to stifle yours. Send me whatever floats your boat.

I will send a copy to everyone who contributes. Please submit to by March 22!

Call for Submissions: New Zine on Male Survivors

abuseLooking for personal experiences or ideas written in first person, to go into a zine by male identified people about unpicking societies conditioning and sexual abuse. All comments, collaborators welcome, email me at

Mock up draft of what the zine could look like with subject ideas I’d like to write about. Male Survivors *Download link of articles I’m interested in, not for publication, I don’t own texts.*

I won’t edit your stories only copy and paste. I’d like 50% to be dedicated to unpicking abuse and learning good consent. But not necessary to include in every text if you feel your story stands alone as valuable experience.


Table of Contents Continue reading

Zine Review(s): Outstanding Stickman 1 & Cool Yule


Outstanding Stickman 1 / Cool Yule
Clifton Carroll
Single page zine (8 pages fold)

I am definitely not looking to make a habit of reviewing more than one zine in one post, but both of these did come from the same person, and a lot of what I like is shared by both zines. Thus the exception.

Okay! I received Outstanding Stickman 1 as a trade with Clifton. It is a free zine, but I suggested that a trade would be better considering the postage fees involved between the US and Australia. Cool Yule came as a lovely surprise closer to Christmas.

The first thing that I immediately noticed (and loved) about these zines was the slightly different fold. It’s still one page folded into an 8-page zine, but it’s done in a way that leaves a little edges on the back page for notes, Clifton’s details, etc. It’s such a simple thing, but it made me smile. The next cool thing? Hand-coloured with… crayons, if I’m correct. I’m pretty sure it’s the crayon wax sheen that I’m seeing when I hold them at an angle. I have no idea how many zines are in a print run for Clifton, but I can appreciate anything done by hand, after the copying process.

The drawing, while fun, isn’t going to wow you, but I think that suits the overall comic. They’re free mini-comics, so I don’t go in expecting Da Vinci. The stories were amusing but not much more than that. Again, I go back to what the zines are as a whole. I did like Cool Yule a touch more, as it took a cheeky jab at how the real origins of Christmas aren’t what a lot of kids are taught.

There’s a very relaxed quality to both these zines. As someone who takes herself way too seriously most of the time. I appreciate zines that remind me that not everything is so serious.

The Good News, The Bad News & The Happy… Mail

The Good News


Fly my pretties, fly! Dear Anonymous 3 contributor copies are flying out into the world. They have been delivered to the postal deities and will arrive at their destinations in 7-10 business days. I’m so glad they are. There’s not a lot that I hate more than missing a deadline when that deadline involves other people.

PS. I may watch Don’t Starve Together play videos while sewing zines. I don’t have a problem…

The Bad News

I had it in the back of my mind that this might happen eventually, but I didn’t give it too much thought because I didn’t think it would happen anytime soon. Alas, it has.


Yeah… Today I went out to the post office to send out contributor copies. Because there were so many contributors (I’m not complaining – it’s awesome!) there were not only a lot of envelopes but the zine also weighed more. As in over 50g. As in jumped up considerably for those mere grams extra.

I wouldn’t say anything, but the fact of the matter is that it was a complete fluke that I even had the money to send all this. Complete fluke. I know I should have figured out the cost going in, but I think I knew it was going to be a lot so I didn’t want to face it. (You can see why I’m rolling in the big bucks after being so financially savvy for my entire life.)

So… It’s with a very sad heart that I have to say Dear Anonymous 3 is the last zine for which I can offer physical copies for contributors.


I seriously did not want to have to do it. I’m sorry.

The Happy Mail!


This lovely envelope of goodness comes from my friend Karley. Karley was one of the first contributors to Dear Anonymous, and she ran an awesome fiction/poetry/music zine called The Filth. She’s sent me a zine she likes that she thought I should check out along with a bunch of clippings from this and that for my various creative works.