Call for Submissions: Girl Love


hello! me and a friend are working on a zine called Girl Love and we’d love your contributions. it could be anything, like gendered language, girl hate, safety on a night out, how girls are brought up to see each other as competition, how to make your group more inclusive, girls working together now/ in history… or any of your ideas.

if you want to chat about an idea, message one of us or email

please share this with anyone who might be interested xx

Do you have a call for submissions for your zine? Let me know!

Zine Ninja Approves – SGZ on Etsy!


Zine Ninja approves of all the Sea Green Zines.

I am happy to announce that all Sea Green Zines (Dear Anonymous 1 & 2, Occupy Melbourne, The Perfect Pocket Guinness Guide) are now available on the InkyBlots Etsy Store.


A special note: I’ve printed off 40 copies of Occupy Melbourne… and those are the last 40 copies that will be printed.

Yep, I am retiring one of my zines. I might be retiring the Guinness mini-zine as well, but I’m undecided at the moment. So if you’d like any of these, now you know where you can get them.

Time Well Spent


Most Thursdays, I have the pleasure of meeting up with friends for writing/creative talk as well as yummy nibbles. We’ve also recently added wine, which was an excellent decision. :)

Today I had the extra pleasure of introducing the group to zines! I am so excited (as were they), and the number ideas we brainstormed… I am so looking forward to what they come up with next week.

I will even get a start on my next zine: Don’t Call Me Cupcake

Settling Down with a Printer


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our previous copier/scanner/printer. It did not operate as advertised.


Alas, we have found love! This beauty, henceforth named Sophie, is a copier/scanner/printer that does 2->2 copying, duplex printing for A4 and A5, scanning, photo printing…

I can see Sophie fitting in just fine at Sea Green Zines.

It’s a Big Job, But…


I’m still getting to know my printer/copier and have yet to give it a name, but we’re getting along well. I’ve now printed off everything I need to make 40 copies off all of my zines.

That’s right. The Perfect Pocket Guinness Guide is coming back for a limited time.

But after this? Both TPPGG and the Occupy Melbourne zine are going to be retired. I really want to concentrate on Dear Anonymous (especially as letters are starting to come in!) as well as get one or two other zines going. I don’t want to tend up spreading myself too thin again, which was why this place surrendered to the crickets for months.

So for now? I have a lot of folding to do…

Hello, My Pretty


I’m not sure what I want to call it yet, but it will have a name. After all, it is an important part of my plan for getting back into the zine world!

Okay, not so much part of the plan as a happy accident. I didn’t plan for my old printer to kick the bucket, but I did plan on getting a copier/printer when it did happen. No more running to OfficeWorks to copy my zines.

This little beauty and I are still getting to know each other. Things are going well so far. I think it could be love.


Zine Ninja says: My love is like a cherry blossom in the breeze.

Call for Submissions: Dear Anonymous 3

I will be making posts other than calls for submissions, but I figured I would start the year off with another…


Dear Anonymous 3 is on its way and I’m looking for letters!

These letters can be confessionals, but they can also be whatever you like them to be. Write to your life, write to your cat, write to your past or your future… Dear Anonymous is about writing the letters of the things you can’t say for whatever reason.

Basically, you’re right in the 1 – 500 words range, but shorter is better. BUT, this zine is about expression, and I don’t want to force anyone to clamp down on their passion just for me. I’m flexible.

Send letters to theauthor at If I don’t respond to you within a few days, comment here.

All contributors will receive a copy.


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