Hello, My Pretty


I’m not sure what I want to call it yet, but it will have a name. After all, it is an important part of my plan for getting back into the zine world!

Okay, not so much part of the plan as a happy accident. I didn’t plan for my old printer to kick the bucket, but I did plan on getting a copier/printer when it did happen. No more running to OfficeWorks to copy my zines.

This little beauty and I are still getting to know each other. Things are going well so far. I think it could be love.


Zine Ninja says: My love is like a cherry blossom in the breeze.

Call for Submissions: Dear Anonymous 3

I will be making posts other than calls for submissions, but I figured I would start the year off with another…


Dear Anonymous 3 is on its way and I’m looking for letters!

These letters can be confessionals, but they can also be whatever you like them to be. Write to your life, write to your cat, write to your past or your future… Dear Anonymous is about writing the letters of the things you can’t say for whatever reason.

Basically, you’re right in the 1 – 500 words range, but shorter is better. BUT, this zine is about expression, and I don’t want to force anyone to clamp down on their passion just for me. I’m flexible.

Send letters to theauthor at inkyblots.com If I don’t respond to you within a few days, comment here.

All contributors will receive a copy.

The Best Intentions & Zine Reviews

Despite my best intentions, balance is not something I have yet achieved in my life. While I’m proud to be self-published, to have started a new small craft business, to be a student, and to be a ‘mum’ to sixteen beautiful little puppies, everything is taking quite a toll.

I love zines. I love making them and reading them. But my life hasn’t afforded me the time to pursue either. I am a firm believer in that you will never ‘find’ time; you must make it. So while it is completely up to me to carve out the time for zines.

I feel sadder just typing that.

However, my intentions remain the same, and at least there is that. I intend to make SeaGreenZines into much more than it is now. For the time being, that means that I will be taking reviews that I have posted here and will be posting them up on Sundays at HotAuthorReport.com. It’s another one of my pet projects that I should have waited longer to start, but there it is.

If you’d ever like to be a guest there to show off your creative work (zines, books, music, short films, clothing line, paintings, etc) and/or would like an extra shout out for your work/crowdsourcing effort/etc, feel free to contact me.

TONERPALOOZA 2014 Happening *NOW* in Melbourne

(All information borrowed from the TONERPALOOZA 2014 Facebook Page)

The State Library of Victoria in association with Sticky Institute present the inaugral Tonerpalooza – a weekend-long celebration of zine making, zine collecting and zine reading.

SATURDAY 21st JUNE, 12-4pm
Zine workshops, zine talks and zine events will be happening in The Courtyard, come make your own zine (photocopying available!) and meet zinesters and things. All free!

SUNDAY 22nd JUNE, 12-4pm
The climax of the weekend will be a huge zine fair, in the Queen’s Hall of the SLV, where zinemakers and distros from across the country will present a huge range of zine stalls, accompanied by zine-friendly performances throughout the day.

Entry on both days is free.

More details will be announced soon, including pop up launches and other events across the weekend – keep your ear to the ground at http://www.stickyinstitute.com, or follow both Sticky and the SLV at these modern places:

Facebook: Sticky Institute, State Library of Victoria
Twitter: @stickyinstitute, @Library_Vic
Instagram: @Library_Vic

Since I’ve Been Gone…

The main reason behind my long absence is now finished.

You can now buy Dark Echoes on Amazon.com!

Dark_Echoes - 500px


Lily Peterson is a wolf who hunts alone. Haunted by the attack that left her best friend permanently human, she will do whatever it takes to catch her prey.


Jason North is one of the Neuri, a pack of werewolves with special abilities. He knows he’s never met Lily before, but his instincts tell him he has. He’ll keep her close until he figures out why.


A war that has played out across lifetimes threatens to consume Echo Falls. Friends become enemies, and old enemies become allies. Lily fights against memories that aren’t hers, forced toward a fate she doesn’t believe in.

Fate is about to learn that Lily doesn’t like being told what to do.

Off Topic: Greens Senator To Tony Abbott: “We Want Our Country Back”

I’m just so proud of this that I have to share. This is how Australians verbally bitch slap each other. Context? We hate our prime minister, and we’re really pissed off about what he’d been doing.

“We’re a few weeks out from the Western Australian Senate election on April 5, a do-over after 1370 votes were lost from the September 7 poll.

“Greens Senator Scott Ludlam was one of the likely losers of the initial botched attempt, narrowly missing out on a seat – and yesterday he stood in front of Parliament under the guise of inviting Prime Minister Tony Abbott to visit his state, and gave the Coalition one of the roundest shellackings you’re likely to be treated to.

Read more at: Greens Senator To Tony Abbott: “We Want Our Country Back”